The Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association

The Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association (NMOA) was founded in 1995 following the merger of the Norwegian Shipmasters Association and the Norwegian Mates Association. Our main purpose is to secure the economic and social interests of our members and to improve the overall safety at sea.

The association has more than 7000 members, serving in domestic trade, international trade, offshore service, fishing vessels etc. The association’s headquarter is in Oslo, with branch offices in Bergen and Ålesund.

The association is affiliated to or represented in:

  • International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations (IFSMA)
  • International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)
  • European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF)
  • Nordic Transport Workers Federation
  • Nordic Navigator Congress
  • International Labour Organiziation (ILO)
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
International Collective Bargaining Agreements

A vast number of seafearers from around the world working aboard Norwegian controlled vessel are covered by an International Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The NMOA support various international seafarers unions in the negotiations of the CBAs in order to secure decent wages and working conditions for all seafarers aboard Norwegian ships. The international CBAs are negotiated every two to four years.

The biggest CBA covers members of The Associated Marine Officers’ & Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP.) The CBA for AMOSUP members and other Asian seafarers unions is administered by the Norwegian/Asian Seafarers Committee (NASCO). For Eastern-European seafarers, CBAs are coordinated by SCOCEEN, the Seafarers Committee of Central, East-Europe and Norway. The work on the CBAs is financed by the shipowners, who are obliged to pay a contribution per seafarer covered by the CBA. This money comprises a fund which benefits both international seafarers and NMOAs members.

An international CBA and your employment agreement stipulates your rights as an employee aboard a Norwegian ship. It governs your wages, working hours, sick benefits along with other regulations the company or shipowners’ association has obligated itself to in regards to your employment conditions.

NOTE: Seafarers covered by the international CBAs are not eligible for membership in the NMOA or other Norwegian Maritime Unions, and thus not required to pay union dues. They may choose membership in a maritime union in their country of residence.

Filipino seafarers

“Fil-Nor-GAIN” is a service-centre for all Filipino seafares working aboard Norwegian controlled vessels. The Fil-Nor-GAIN Office was established in 2003 to provide general assistance and information to Filipino seafarers covered by the CBA.

Fil-Nor GAIN and ITF
Manila Office:
G/F ECJ Building
Real corner
Arsobispo St. Intramuros, Manila
Phone: (632) 4050210
Fax: (632) 4050220

MEMBERSHIP for non-Norwegian nationals


Nautical officers with non-Norwegian citizenship are welcome as members of The Norwegian Maritime Officers’ Association (NMOA) when working aboard a Norwegian flagged ship, subject to the same legal rights and obligations as Norwegian officers - hired according to a Norwegian collective bargaining agreement between the NMOA and a Norwegian shipowners association.

All NMOA members employed on Norwegian ships are part of a collective bargaining agreement. These agreements are negotiated every two years and secure adequate wages and vast number of social and economic benefits. Through individual membership, officers also help secure NMOA’s influence in national and international shipping and seafarers forums.

Member benefits:

  • Collective agreements
  • Financial support in lawful collective strikes
  • Legal advice and/or representation in legal matters and conflicts
  • Advice and representation in work-place issues: Termination, illness, accidents etc.
  • Elected officers in most workplaces
  • Training, courses, stipends etc.

The monthly union fee is NOK 520,-. Please contact the NMOA by phoning +47 22 00 55 00 or e-mail to to learn if you are eligible for membership and what we can offer.


IMPORTANT NOTE 1) The NMOA do not at this time offer all information pertaining to the obligations and benefits of membership in English. Members who do not read Norwegian are obligated to have important/financial information from the NMOF translated to them or obtained by other means. Please also note that legal advice and/or representation in legal matters offered to members is limited to Norwegian jurisdiction.


IMPORTANT NOTE 2) If you are hired according to a Norwegian collective bargaining agreement, you may be obligated to pay a bargaining fee. Automatic payroll-deduction of such fees do NOT mean you are a member of the NMOA. To take part in all the benefits of membership, you need to fill in a membership application form. If you choose to become a member, you pay a union fee instead of the bargaining fee.